LGBTQ Spirituality

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Oracles of Our Times: Divining at the Intersections of Disability, Queerness, and Spirituality: An Online CLGS CSR Workshop with Maij Mai


Click here for a video recording of this CLGS AAAPI Roundtable/CSR Workshop via Zoom! “Disability is a generative force. It’s magic. It really teaches me to be more thoughtful and aware of myself and my body, my body-mind in community. And as Alice Wong has put it so beautifully- disabled people are oracles.” (Alex Locust, Glamputee […]

Ever Queering the Story: An Exploration of Trans Religious Leadership | A CLGS Transgender Roundtable Event

Click here for a video recording of this CLGS event! In this interactive workshop members of the Trans Seminarian Leadership Cohort, a group of trans and nonbinary seminary students, explore religious leadership in our current social and political climate. Presenters also invited attendees to explore their own beliefs to help “queer” the concept of theological education […]

Dancing Lions: Queer Asian Aesthetics, Ritual, and Movement Building: An Online CLGS AAPI Roundtable Workshop with Maij Mai


Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS AAPI Roundtable Workshop! In this online CLGS AAPI Roundtable Workshop, Maij Maij invites us to explore lion dancing’s embodiment of queer Asian aesthetics, ritual, and movement building and to consider adopting this framework as a way of embracing the culture-shifting possibilities of Queer Asian existence within […]

The Future of Queer Religious Communities | A CLGS Lavender Lunch

Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS Lavender Lunch! The 1960’s began the rise of “out and proud” religious communities that welcomed LGBTQ+ people to come as their authentic selves.  Congregational life and leadership has evolved since that time and the question of the relevance of queer congregations is debated today. In this CLGS […]

Queer Muslim Organizing Part 2 | A CLGS Lavender Lunch


Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS Lavender Lunch! In this CLGS Lavender Lunch, we continue the exploration of communities of color living with the intersecting realities of queer identity and religious faith by focusing on LGBTQ organizing within Muslim communities. Our speaker, Muhsin Hendricks, is an Islamic Scholar and an Imam (religious […]