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Maurice Sendak in Queer Jewish Context with Professor Golan Moskowitz. An Online CLGS Jewish Queeries Series Event!


Click here for a video recording of this event! The late Jewish American artist Maurice Sendak (1928-2012) changed the face of children’s literature and paved the way for the reconsiderations of monstrosity and Otherness that pervade contemporary media, from Sesame Street to Stranger Things.  His emotionally isolated, unruly, and ethnically particular protagonists use fantasy to resist social coercion and self-erasure. In Wild […]

It’s OK Not to Be OK: An Affirming Shin Buddhist Spirituality: An ONLINE Lavender Lunch with Rev. Blayne Higa

Click here for a Zoom video recording of this event! Rev. Blayne Higa discusses how the inclusive and affirming spirituality of Shin Buddhism serves as the foundation for his life and ministry.  Within the universal embrace of boundless wisdom and compassion how does understanding our imperfections help cultivate gratitude, acceptance, and resilience? Rev. Higa is the […]

52 Ways #23: Honor the Contributions of LGBTQ African Americans

During Black History Month–and the rest of the year–honor the contributions of African-American LGBTQ people. There are so many people have had a profound impact on the LGBTQ community, from the days of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1930s and 40s (see, for example, openly gay artist Richard Bruce’s Nugent’s 1947 drawing Jesus and Judas) up […]

Genderqueer Torah with Jericho Vincent. A CLGS Jewish Queeries Series Event

Click HERE for a video recording of this Jewish Queeries Series Event! In this first CLGS Jewish Queeries event of 2020-2021, Jericho Vincent, a genderqueer post-ultra-Orthodox Jew, offers a fascinating exploration of gender, Torah, and authenticity.  Some of the questions they explore include the following: What does Judaism have to teach us about gender? In what […]

From Seminary to Student Affairs: A CLGS Lavender Lunch with Rowan Queathem

Click HERE for a video recording of this Lavender Lunch! In this October 2020 Lavender Lunch recent Pacific School of Religion (PSR) graduate Rowan Queathem (they/he) speaks about their current ministry as the Assistant Director of Diversity & Inclusion at New England College in New Hampshire. Rowan Queathem is a 2019 PSR graduate in the Master […]

Harkness Lecture 2016: Sahar Shafqat

For many, the identities of Queer and Muslim are perceived as antithetical, as mutually exclusive. But for thousands of people, being a member of the LGBTQ Muslim community is a lived reality, and having to simultaneously combat homophobia and Islamophobia is a daily challenge. In this talk, Sahar Shafqat will talk about her own lived […]

Earl and Boswell Lecture 2017: Jose Antonio Vargas


“Borders & Identity” was a two-day conference addressing the critical theological, pastoral and social issues of our day, held March 17-18, 2017. The conference emphasized practical skills, timely resources, and a deeper analysis of the critical issues facing us at this moment. The conference aimed to equip leaders to stand for justice with all those on the margins […]