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The Sex and Religion Project Curriculum

The Sex and Religion Project was created by Steven Anderson, CSR Graduate, and includes 6 downloadable pamphlets on the following topics: An Introduction to Sexual Identity An Introduction to Society and Sexuality An Introduction to the Bible’s “Clobber Passages” The Importance of Queer Theology The Importance of a Theology of Social Change The Case for […]

Guía para la bienvenida de personas transgénero en congregaciones

Esta nueva guía ofrece a las comunidades de fe nuevas perspectivas sobre la acogida y la defensa de las personas transgénero. Las secciones incluyen: Convertirse en una comunidad inclusiva Mirando a la Biblia  Dar la bienvenida a las personas trans en las comunidades de fe De pie con las personas trans Este recurso ha sido […]

Transgender Curriculum for Faith Communities

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This new guide offers faith communities new perspectives on welcoming and advocating for transgender people. Sections include: Becoming a trans inclusive community Looking to the Bible Welcoming trans people in communities of faith Standing with trans people This resource was written by Jakob Hero and Justin Tanis.

The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships: Fictions and Facts

Fiction #1 Homosexuality is a major topic of concern in the Bible. Fact: The Bible contains only three or four clear references to male same-sex love and only one possible reference to female same-sex love. Moreover, “homosexuality” itself is a modern term, coined in the late 19th century, and represents forms of same-sex love not present in the […]

Biblical Sexuality and Gender: Renewing Christian Witness to the Gospel

How do Christians proclaim the love of God in Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit today? As in every generation, that broad question needs to be contextualized and addressed in relation to key cultural, political, and economic issues. For more than fifty years, Christian communities have struggled in various ways with their proclamation of the gospel in relation to “homosexuality,” or the lives of those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT).

Biblical scholarship on these questions over the last fifty years has helped many Christian communities to welcome LGBT people and many LGBT people have likewise found new ways to integrate their sexuality and gender expression with their Christian faith. The following is a review of just some of that biblical scholarship and the role it can play in Christian theological reflection, especially for the sake of bearing witness to the good news of Christian faith today.