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In this Queer & Latinx Faith Conversation, sponsored by The CLGS Latinx Roundtable | Fe, Familia, Igualdad, The Rev. Juan M. C. Oliver PhD, invites us to consider the ways in which Latinx cultures and Christian liturgy create modes of worship that encourage the development of liturgical rituals that are authentic, deeply prayerful, and richly human.  View this workshop in which Dr. Oliver explores some of the many ways in which Latinx Christians worship Latinamente!

The Rev. Juan M. C. Oliver, PhD

The Rev. Juan M. C. Oliver PhD, is the Custodian of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) of the Episcopal Church. He has served in a variety of pastoral, administrative, and teaching positions at the parish, diocesan, and national levels.  Rev. Oliver’s research centers on the history and theology of the liturgy, the Book of Common Prayer, church architecture, sacraments, and the inculturation of the liturgy, especially in the Latinx context.

He is the author of multiple articles on these topics and of Ripe Fields: The Promise and Challenge of Latino Ministry (Church Publishing 2009) and A House of Meanings: Christian Ritual in Plain English (Church Publishing, 2019).  His PhD Dissertation, The Look of Common Prayer, will be published in 2022.

Dr. Oliver resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his husband, religious carver and painter Johnny Lorenzo.





This event was recorded on 4 November 2021.