LGBTQ Pastoral Care

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Why National Coming Out Day Matters

by Bernard Schlager

Under the guise of “parental rights” students are being shamed into silence and teachers are being censored. LGBTQ youth in Florida, and many others states, are subjected to fearmongering tactics to prevent them from speaking honestly about their own lived experiences. In addition to Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law, the Department of Education in […]

Our 2022-2023 Lavender Lunch Series!

by Bernard Schlager

The CLGS 2022-2023 ONLINE Lavender Lunch Series Tuesday, 13 September 2022 | 12:15pm (Pacific Time) | ONLINE Decolonizing Spiritual/Faith-Based Exploration and Formation Maij Mai In this online CLGS Lavender Lunch Maij Mai, Coordinator of the CLGS Asian American/Pacific Islander Roundtable, explores what possibilities can exist when cultivating spiritual/faith-based exploration and formation spaces, particularly for marginalized communities […]

Queering Your Spiritual Leadership! | A Fall 2022 ONLINE Graduate Course

by Bernard Schlager

Queering Your Spiritual Leadership! A Fall 2022 (7-week) ONLINE Graduate Course Pacific School of Religion 6:10pm to 9pm (Pacific Time) | Thursdays from 8 September through 20 October 2022   This 1.5-credit online course offers a brief introduction to – and broad overview of – queer spiritual leadership as expressed in the lives, writings, and […]

CLGS Announces Publication of Liberating Gender for Jews and Allies: The Wisdom of Transkeit

by Bernard Schlager

CLGS is proud to announce the publication of Liberating Gender for Jews and Allies: The Wisdom of Transkeit, co-edited by Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman, Coordinator of the CLGS Jewish Roundtable, and Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw, Coordinator of the CLGS Transgender Roundtable. This extraordinary collection of essays by trans Jews and allies explores cutting-edge ideas about gender […]

Death Is a Drag: A Reflection by Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw

by Bernard Schlager

Death is a Drag I picked up Tiffani today. A man with kind eyes brought her to me in a black plastic box. He asked me to confirm that the name, date of birth, and other details on the death certificate were right. Technically, legally, all was correct. But none of this was right. How […]

A World AIDS Day Reflection by Rev. Roland Stringfellow, DMin

by CLGSAdminy1

1 December 2021 As we head toward the end of another year living with the Coronavirus, the fear, concern, and caution that we all have grown accustomed to is becoming engrained in our normal daily lives.  Talk about the leftovers from Thanksgiving! Many of us are dealing with the leftovers from the “4 P’s” of […]