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A World AIDS Day Reflection by Rev. Roland Stringfellow, DMin

by CLGSAdminy1

1 December 2021 As we head toward the end of another year living with the Coronavirus, the fear, concern, and caution that we all have grown accustomed to is becoming engrained in our normal daily lives.  Talk about the leftovers from Thanksgiving! Many of us are dealing with the leftovers from the “4 P’s” of […]

CLGS Marks World AIDS Day 2021: 1 December

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At The Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion, we believe in the United Nations theme for this World AIDS Day: End Inequalities. End AIDS. We affirm the rights of all people to equitable access to health care so that everyone might live with healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. Today, we remember the 37.7 […]

52 Ways #21: Feed Hungry People, Including Hungry LGBTQ People

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Despite the stereotypes of rich white gay men, the reality is that LGBTQ people—as a result of systemic oppression—are more likely than heterosexuals to live in poverty and, therefore, to be food insecure.  This is especially true for people of color who face racism in addition to anti-LGBTQ attitudes, the young and the old, transgender […]

52 Ways #20: Encourage and Support HIV Testing

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Gay and bisexual men make up 70% of new HIV infections in the United States; communities of color and young adults are particularly hard hit. HIV testing is critical for both individual health and in the efforts to end the epidemic. When people know their HIV status, they can make healthy and informed choices about […]