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Upcoming Events

Ministry with Queer Youth: An Online CLGS Lavender Lunch with Dr. Ish Ruiz

14 February 2023
12:30pm to 1:30pm (Pacific Time)

Click here to join this online CLGS Event via Zoom! Recent years have shown alarming statistics that should compel Christian communities to minister to queer youth with special care. Given the polarization in our country over LGBTQ+ inclusion, the reported experience of queer youth’s upbringing, and the harmful rhetoric often promulgated by religious groups, it […]

From Convent to Seminary: The Seminary Journey of a Black Latino Caribbean Queer Lesbian with Lenia Pacheco Salas. An Online CLGS Queer & Latinx Faith Conversation

16 February 2023
1pm to 2:15pm (Pacific Time)

Click here for a Zoom link for this online CLGS event! Lenia Pacheco Salas (she/her/ella) was born in Cuba and came to the USA with a religious catholic order, the Sister Missionaries of Charity of Mother Theresa of Calcutta (a contemplative branch of the order). After seven years in the convent, Lenia realized that the convent wasn’t […]

A Charge to Keep: 20 Years of Black Queer Theology at CLGS

23 February 2023
12pm to 1:15pm (Pacific Time)

Click here to join this online CLGS event via Zoom! Join Rev. Cedric Harmon, Rev. Gwen Thomas, and Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow for an intimate conversation about their work as organizers of the CLGS Souls A’Fire conferences.  The first Souls A’Fire conference took place in 2003 with Dr. Johari Jobir, the first Coordinator of the […]

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