To achieve the Center's mission of advancing the well-being of LGBT people, transforming faith communities, and contributing to a new public discourse on religion and sexuality, CLGS develops and sustains a variety of programs to meet the needs of academic, faith, and activist communities. While each of these communities undertakes particular kinds of work at the intersection of sexuality and religion, CLGS is committed to education and training that will bring those communities together in broader movements of social and religious change for and with LGBT people.

  • Lecture Series and Lavender Lunches: On the Berkeley campus of Pacific School of Religion, CLGS sponsors lectures and panel discussions that make the latest LGBT scholarsship accessible to wider communities. Both of these programs are often either video or audio recorded or both and are archived on this website.
  • Certificate in Sexuality and Religion: On campus, online, and in experimental satellite locations, CLGS teaches and administers a professional course of study designed to enhance the advocacy skills for the LGBT community of those working with communities of faith. This on-campus work is being enhanced with the development of the CLGS Institute for Scholars.
  • Bay Area Coalition of Welcoming Congregations brings together faith leaders from a variety of religious traditions in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area to strength the public religious voice of welcome and inclusion for LGBT people
  • Racial/Ethnic Roundtable Project facilitates community building among racial/ethnic LGBT people active in various faith traditions, and brings together both local and national leaders to meet together and discuss strategies for outreach and social change. Some resources from these meetings, including transcripts of presentations and audio recordings, are made available on this website.
  • Transgender Roundtable, currently under development, will sustain and extend the work undertaken at the Transgender Religious Leadership Summits held in 2007 and 2008.
  • OutFront workshops are designed to help progressive people of faith and their allies become voices of authority and agents of social change in the current nationwide debates over LGBT people and religion.
  • The CLGS Archive Project works to obtain, preserve, and make available the papers of individuals who have been important in the history of religion and LGBT issues in American society. Together with the LGBT Religious Archives Network, the CLGS Archive Project is quickly becoming the leading online resource for materials on LGBT religious movements and figures.
  • Book Series: In partnership with Pilgrim Press, CLGS has developed publications addressing areas of concern to LGBT people of faith, especially in congregational ministry.

As these programming initiatives continue to grow and reach wider audiences, please consider contributing financially to the Center's work. CLGS depends on the generosity of our donors and on foundation support to achieve its mission.