The CLGS Marriage and Family Project

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies' (CLGS) Marriage and Family Project is a resource for the general public, clergy, members of congregations, and the press.

This website provides scholarly and religious resources on marriage in the United States with the aim of promoting views of marriage that are more open, more just, and more inclusive of all citizens regardless of sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Read more about CLGS's Marriage Project and the issues involved in securing full marriage equality.

For many, marriage of course means much more than a "piece of paper" from City Hall. Marriage involves creating and sustaining a family, and for a growing number of same-gender couples, this also means having and/or adopting children. (Before deciding to adopt a child, CLGS recommends thoroughly researching the relevant legal issues in your state. The Human Rights Campaign website offers a good place to begin that research.)

In addition to many voter-passed initiatives that limit marriage to one man and one woman, some states have also passed restrictive laws on adopting children. CLGS will keep expanding this online resource to include tools and links to help secure the safety and flourishing of all LGBT relationships and our families. 


What is marriage and what are the current issues surrounding marriage? We answer these and other questions in our marriage FAQ, and also list each US state's legal definition of marriage.

As a further resource, we have collected press releases addressing current news and topics surrounding marriage.

You can learn more about the historical, legal, and cultural contexts for understanding marriage through articles by Stephen Pope, Ralph Hexter, Robert E. Goss, James Alison, and more.

What are others saying? Read inspiring stories, educational sermons and pastoral resources, and other statements of support for same-sex marriage.

We also provide descriptive links to other resources dealing with religious issues associated with same-sex marriage and civil unions. including commentaries on religion and marriage equality.

An Expanding Resource on Marriage and Families

The CLGS Marriage and Family Project will continue to expand its resources and we want to hear from you about what would be most helpful to you in your own work. We are looking especially for resources related to specific Christian denominations and on non-Christian religious traditions and marriage, including issues for families with children. We would also like to hear your own stories about marriage, committed relationships, civil unions, liturgical blessings, and the raising of children. If you have any questions about marriage, especially the religious aspects of marriage and family, please be in touch with us–fill out our form in submissions & suggestions.