Latino/a Roundtable

CLGS was pleased to secure the expertise and experience of Dr. Orlando Espin and the Rev. Mari Castellanos in the Center's efforts to develop a Latino/a Roundtable. In April 2010, under the guidance and direction of Rev. Castellanos and Dr. Espin, the initial gathering of stakeholders in this work gathered in Chicago, from locations around the U.S., to explore the scope of this work and develop strategies. This gathering crafted a mission statement and a set of goals and objectives to launch a Latino/a Roundtable and move the work forward.

The Mission Statement

To promote understanding, acceptance and affirmation of Latino/a LGBTQ persons and their families by transforming Latino/a faith communities and the wider Latino/a community.

Goals and Objectives

To provide Latino/a families with the tools to understand, accept, and affirm LGBTQ persons in families, communities, and churches;

  1. To provide Latino/a LGBTQ persons with the tools to understand, accept and affirm themselves in families, churches, and communities;
  2. To provide Latino/a religious communities (i.e. churches, seminaries, persons, etc.) with the tools to understand, accept and affirm LGBTQ persons and their families in church and community;
  3. To bring Latino/a issues to the broader LGBTQ community and to bring LGBTQ issues to the broader Latino/a community;
  4. To produce and distribute resources, tools, and studies to ground, justify, and accomplish all of the above.