The Open Hands Collection Archives

The quarterly journal, Open Hands, was published by the Reconciling Ministries Network (formerly, the Reconciling Congregation Program / United Methodist) from 1986 to 2002 in cooperation with several national denominational networks of congregations that are committed to serving LGBT persons, their families and friends:

  • Affirming Congregation Programme (United Church of Canada)
  • The Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists (American)
  • More Light Presbyterians
  • Open & Affirming Ministries (Disciples of Christ)
  • Open and Affirming Program (United Church of Christ)
  • Reconciling in Christ Program (Lutheran)

Initially seeking to serve as "a resource for congregations and individuals seeking to be in ministry with lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons", the latter issues reflect an expanded mission, namely, to serve as the quarterly magazine of the Welcoming Church movement in the United States and Canada.

CLGS is honored to archive and make accessible articles from the journal, Open Hands. These seminal articles are available online in the Articles & Papers section of this website, where we've created the Open Hands Issue Index to make it possible to locate and read these articles online, in one place.